Say No to yellow teeth.

Tooth whitening is regarded as a relatively safe and effective method of improving a healthy and attractive smile, it is also the best means of self-esteem booster. The treatment works quickly to give you naturally white teeth.

Our panel of Dentist’s are experienced and trained with the latest advent in Laser teeth whitening procedures to brighten your smile at Mint Dental Care. Here’s
some basic factors to educate our patient’s and give an insight to how the procedure is conducted to a patient during their visit:

* Non-Invasive:
There are no additional equipment or appliances used that may cause irritation or cause bleeding to the gums. It is a safe, gentle, and done with expert supervision. Therefore, inappropriate over the counters bleaching products used at home can be too abrasive and can cause damage to the enamel. It should be performed by a professional experienced in Dental teeth whitening.

* Immediate visible results:

Within 45 mins to an hour,inclusive of multiple small session is enough to produce a visible difference to your teeth. Your teeth are immediately several shades lighter, whiter and brighter than its previous shade of color`. In very extreme cases of teeth staining, multiple sessions may be required to achieve a whiter shade that you may desire.

Is Laser whitening a painful procedure?? NO

Quick and painless procedure

The procedure is performed in our Dental Clinic in just one single visit and takes up to an hour to complete. It is quick and painless guaranteed. With the procedure, you will achieve several shades of whiter teeth easily and swiftly.