An artificial prosthetic that restores missing tooth structure by surrounding part or all of remaining tooth structure with a material such as porcelain(Ceramic), metal or a combination of both ceramic and metal called Porcelain fused to metal (PFM).

Ceramic Crowns are more aesthetically pleasing, can be virtually indistinguishable from unrestored teeth. High strength Zirconia and individual E-max crowns are preferred to replace or restore Front teeth to reach aesthetic demands.


They are a Dental prosthesis that is luted, cemented or mechanically attached to natural teeth, remaining tooth structure and/or Dental implant abutments to provide support.

A Dental bridge is made up of multiple units/crowns adhered to fill in the gap/space created by the missing teeth. They take support from the existing teeth which are called abutment teeth, depending upon the number of teeth missing – they are categorized as Long span/short span bridges.

LIFE SPAN OF A BRIDGE? It is important for the Dentist to maintain vitality and strength of the supporting teeth. On an average, a Dental bridge can last 5 to 7 years. With good Oral Hygience maintenance and regular visit’s to the Dentist for prophylaxis tend to enhance the longevity of the bridge.